martedì 26 aprile 2016

Europe: Open data the default from 2017

The European Commission announced its intention to make open data the default for all EC-funded research from 2017 onwards. 

sabato 19 marzo 2016

EU: Digitisation & Digital Preservation

Archivist in Digital Curation: knowledge, skill and curriculum

Matrix of Digital Curation Knowledge and Competencies (Overview) was developed by Christopher (Cal) Lee, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as part of the DigCCurr project.
Digital Curation Education in Practice: Catching up with two former fellowsLisa Gregory and Samantha Guss (2011), International Journal of Digital Curation, 2(6), pp.176-194.

The DigCurV Curriculum Framework: Structure, context and approach, Ann Gow and Laura Molloy, Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow (HATII) and Leo Konstantelos, University Library, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
DigCurV is project funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci programme (LLP 2007-2013) to establish a curriculum framework for vocational training in digital curation.

mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

Digital preservation: Archivematica

Archivematica is a free and open-source digital preservation system that is designed to maintain long-term access to digital memory. Archivematica is packaged with the web-based content management system AtoM for access to your digital objects. (Wiki)
More info: Project and DATools

martedì 15 marzo 2016

Digital curation: conference, newsletters, journal


Digital curation: community

Digital Preservation Q&A : where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. Moderated by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) and Open Planets Foundation (OPF) 
Open Preservation Foundation (international, with a European base)
DCC Associates Network (DCC: Digital Curation Centre)
DIGITAL-PRESERVATION@JISCMAIL Email discussion lists for the UK Education and Research communities
DigiPres Commons Community owned digital preservation resources
North West Region Digital Preservation Group: A group of Archivists in the North West looking at digital preservation issues.


DARTBlogBlogging about digital archives, scholarship & repositories (University of London Computer Centre’s Digital Archives & Repositories Team)

Digital archiving: methods and technologies

European Archival Records and Knowledge Preservation (E-ARK)
 modular requirements for records systems
MoReq2 MoReq collateral website

Digital Preservation vs Digital Curation

Digital Preservation: “the active involvement of information professionals in the management, including the preservation, of digital data for future use” (Yakel 2007)
Digital Curation: “aims to ensure that digital objects of value to society…can be meaningfully reproduced over time, despite evolving representations, mechanisms, rapidly advancing technologies, and continually emerging user expectations” Foscarini, Kim et al (2010)

Model for digital preservation and digital repositories:

  1. Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model (DPCMM) (Dollar and Ashley 2012)
  2. Shaman/Scape Capability Model (Becker et al. 2011)
  3. Trusted Digital Repository Maturity Model (TDRMM) (Cho 2012)
More info in: Enterprise Content Management and Digital Curation Applications (UNESCO, Shadrack Katuu)

Digital curation: Designated Community

An identified group of potential Consumers who should be able to understand a particular set of information. The Designated Community may be composed of multiple user communities. A Designated Community is defined by the Archive and this definition may change over time.

Digitisation: cost-benefit analysis

AVPreserve launched their Cost of Inaction Calculator, which is a tool to get an indication of the impact of not focusing on digitising your own repository's AV material.

Old maps

Old Maps Online has been created by Klokan Technologies GmbH, specialists in online map publishing and in applications of open-source software.

Digital Curation Vocabulary


Stellarium shows a realistic sky in 3D

lunedì 14 marzo 2016

Digital curation: Lifecycle Model

The DCC Lifecycle Model, on the other hand, is explained here and more background information on it can be found in;
Higgins, S (2008) The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model in the International Journal of Digital Curation, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 134-140doi:10.2218/ijdc.v3i1.48
Ball, A. (2012). Review of Data Management Lifecycle Models. University of Bath.

OAIS: the Open Archival Information System

Open Archival Information Systems Reference Model ISO 14721:2003 
(revised as ISO 14721:2012 and is due for a further revision in 2017 and you can get involved with this process by contributing to this community wiki.
ISO 14721:2003 defines the OAIS Model as: an archive, consisting of an organization of people and systems, that has accepted the responsibility to preserve information and make it available for a Designated Community, where the information being maintained is deemed to need Long Term Preservation, even if the OAIS itself is not permanent. Long Term is long enough to be concerned with the impacts of changing technologies, including support for new media and data formats, or with a changing user community.
The Open Archival Information System Reference Model: Introductory Guide (PDF 372KB) by Brian F. Lavoie 2004 (From the Digital Preservation Coalition Technology Watch Report Series)
Documentation ISO from their original developers: Consultative Committee for Space Data Systemshere (first version) and here (second version). 

Digital preservation: good practices and trusted repositories

mercoledì 9 marzo 2016

Digital curation: strategies

Refreshingmigrationnormalisation and emulation 
(as defined via these links in the Paradigm Workbook on Digital Private Papers).
See guidance for file format conversion of The National Archives (UK),

Digital preservation: checksum

A checksum is a count of the number of bits in a transmission unit that is included with the unit so that the receiver can check to see whether the same number of bits arrived. If the counts match, it's assumed that the complete transmission was received. Both TCP and UDP communication layers provide a checksum count and verification as one of their services (Definition by SearchSecurity of network of technology TechTarget).
This blog post and video provide a good introduction to checksums in the context of digital preservation.
See this blog post for some advice on possible  tools.
See concept of significant properties and digital preservation of  InSPECT (Investigating the Significant Properties of Electronic Content Over Time)

File Formats for preservation

Obsolescence: File Formats and Software, part of the Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-Term Strategies for Long-Term Solutions, online tutorial developed for the Digital Preservation Management workshop, developed and maintained by Cornell University Library, 2003-2006; extended and maintained by ICPSR, 2007-2012; and now extended and maintained by MIT Libraries, 2012-on.

File profiling tool:
DROID (Digital Record Object Identification)  which was developed by The National Archives (UK). 

Digital preservation: bit preservation and physical storage of the data

Sources of guidance on the handling and storage of storage media:
Caring for CDs and DVDs, guidance issued by the British Library (under FAQs)

lunedì 7 marzo 2016

Digital curation

Digital curation involves maintaining, preserving and adding value to digital research data throughout its lifecycle. 
See more at: DCC

The Magazine of Digital Library Research

D-Lib Magazine is an electronic publication with a focus on digital library research and development, including new technologies, applications, and contextual social and economic issues.

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