sabato 19 marzo 2016

Archivist in Digital Curation: knowledge, skill and curriculum

Matrix of Digital Curation Knowledge and Competencies (Overview) was developed by Christopher (Cal) Lee, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as part of the DigCCurr project.
Digital Curation Education in Practice: Catching up with two former fellowsLisa Gregory and Samantha Guss (2011), International Journal of Digital Curation, 2(6), pp.176-194.

The DigCurV Curriculum Framework: Structure, context and approach, Ann Gow and Laura Molloy, Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow (HATII) and Leo Konstantelos, University Library, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
DigCurV is project funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci programme (LLP 2007-2013) to establish a curriculum framework for vocational training in digital curation.

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