lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

EC launches Open Data Strategy for Europe

News from the blog of Neelie Kroes:
"This opening up can generate tax revenues which far exceed revenue from any fees previously charged for the data.
But the benefits aren’t just economic. They improve the transparency of our democratic and public institutions. They can improve the quality of decision-making within public administrations themselves – through informed, evidence-based policymaking. And they can help those from all sectors of society – like apps that help people with disabilities find wheelchair-accessible buildings.
Today’s legal proposals are in two parts. First, the Commission itself will be practising what we preach, putting our own data on a single portal, free, open, easy to use. And we are pushing the EU’s other institutions and agencies to join us too.
Second, we are proposing changes to the Public Sector Information Directive. Changes which will make accessing public data from any level within the EU:
  • Cheaper (with fees, if anything, set at just marginal costs)
  • Easy to use, with an automatic right to re-use, no need for complicated authorisations
  • Wider in scope – as we include valuable cultural material, from libraries, archives and museums – although for these institutions, it will be under rules which respect their particular commercial vulnerability"
You can see Digital Agenda: Turning government data into gold

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