mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

The Pacific University approved an Open Access Resolution

The Pacific University Council approved December 8, 2011 a
Resolution in Support of Open Access and Authors’ Rights

"Whereas, the mission of Pacific University is to promote an environment of discovery through a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, to collaborative scholarly and creative activities, to sustainable practices, to promotion of diverse perspectives, and to civic engagement; and ....


A. the faculty, staff and students of Pacific University, in recognition of their commitment to open intellectual exchange, both locally and globally, and to the equity and sustainability of access to knowledge, should consider these options when deciding how to share their work:

• depositing their own published scholarly and professional articles in CommonKnowledge or other open access repositories in order to provide the widest and most affordable access to their work; and
• using CommonKnowledge to openly share, as deemed appropriate by their department or school, other forms of unpublished scholarly, creative or professional work; and
• using an Addendum to Publication Agreement (such as that provided by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)) in order to retain their right to share their published work as widely as possible; and
• investigating the pricing and authors’ rights policies of journals with which they collaborate (as
authors, reviewers, and editors) and advocating for improvements therein; and
• publishing their work in reasonably priced journals or in peer-reviewed open access journals; ....."

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