martedì 22 novembre 2011

Call to action!

"Who should respond?
It is urgent that as many individuals and organizations as possible – at all levels – respond.
For reference, the RFI specifically calls for comments from “non-Federal stakeholders, including the public, universities, nonprofit and for-profit publishers, libraries, federally funded and non-federally funded research scientists, and other organizations and institutions with a stake in long-term preservation and access to the results of federally funded research.”
If you can’t answer all of the questions, answer as many as possible – and respond to questions as directly as possible.
Organizations beyond the U.S., with experience with open-access policies, are also invited to contribute." ...
"Taxpayers paid for the research. We deserve to be able to access the results.
The main point to emphasize is that taxpayers are entitled to access the results of the research our tax dollars fund. Taxpayers should be allowed to immediately access and fully reuse the results of publicly funded research." ...
Call to action: 2011 White House RFI on public access (deadline Jan. 2) (Alliance for Taxpayer Access)

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