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ELPUB 2012: Call for Papers

16th International Conference on Electronic Publishing
June 14-15, 2012, Guimarães, Portugal

Social Shaping of Digital Publishing:
Exploring the interplay between Culture and Technology

1 - Digital Scholarship, Open Access and Open Science
Concepts, models and innovative applications in the field of scholarly communication. Results of recent studies on current practices. New tools and / or results of studies of their applicability. Positioning on new trends.
2 –Interoperability and the Intelligent Web
Concepts, models and innovative applications that are based on the paradigms of the Semantic Web. Metadata, linked data and open linked data, text mining, traceability, scalability, rules, inference and agents on open environments. Cloud computing and related applications, services and studies. Demonstration applications. Results of field studies and software applications.
3 – The Social and Mobile Web
Concepts, models and innovative applications for the social Web and for the mobile Web. Challenges and achievements of electronic publishing in mobile environments. Context-aware pervasive systems. Geo-location and electronic publication. Information retrieval. The social Web in mobile environments. Results of field studies and software applications.
4 – The legal, secure and trustful Web
Copyright and legal issues. Convergence, divergence and relationships between existing copyright models. Machine-readable information and interoperability on copyright. Authentication. Security and privacy on publishing and in cloud computing. Theoretical models or tools to ensure the reliability of sources. Results of field studies and software applications.
5 – Innovative interfaces, interaction and visualization
New models of interfaces for electronic publication. New interfaces for impaired people. Models and visualization applications for Web 3.0 and 4.0 and for cloud computing. Results of field studies and software applications.
6 – Failures and learnings
Papers that report experimentations that did not work and lessons learned from those failures.
7 – The future of Digital Publishing
Position papers with new insights for the future. New scholarly constructs and discourse methods. Innovative business models for electronic publishing. New technological paradigms for electronic publishing.

Call for Papers

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