lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

The Florida State University adotta una Open Access Resolution

Il 19 ottobre 2011 il Senato di Facoltà della Florida State University  ha adottato una Open Access Resolution.
Ecco un estratto:
The Faculty Senate of The Florida State University, consistent with the University's mission to "preserve, expand and disseminate knowledge" and to provide broad access to institutional resources and services, endorses the storage and preservation of scholarly publications in The Florida State University's open access institutional repository.
This resolution aims to extend the university's mission into the digital age. Its goals are to remove access barriers to publicly-funded scholarship, to centralize the University's intellectual output while maintaining quality filters and supporting established publishing opportunities, and to support faculty who wish to pursue open access publishing whenever consistent with their professional goals.
Resolution Implementation
Implementation of this resolution is dependent on the foundation and development of infrastructure, including a university library-supported institutional repository and Scholarly Communications staff who will coordinate and facilitate the digital collection process for faculty. The Faculty Senate calls upon the Faculty Senate Library Committee and the Florida State University Libraries to explore and address the implementation of this resolution, including the needs to:
  • protect authors' intellectual property
  • maintain Florida State University standards for Promotion and Tenure
  • promote quality and prestige in scholarly publishing
  • develop policies and procedures for the governance of this resolution
  • explore scholarship publishing in emerging platforms and digital contexts

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